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Valor Fitness is committed to the Home Fitness/Cross Training enthusiast; Valor’s 400+ product line offers items for fitness professionals, studios, and gyms while never forgetting the home user. With the increased popularity of Cross Training Gyms along with Fitness Competitions, Valor Fitness has also incorporated into the product line equipment targeted toward Box Gyms and Cross Training Franchises. From 2016 through 2018 Valor Fitness supplied equipment for over 50 Cross Training Events throughout the State of Florida ranging from 1 Day events supporting 75 Athletes to 3 day events supporting 750 athletes. To say our equipment is “battle field tested” is an understatement. The amount of energy being applied by the Cross Training Culture only adds to the design quality during manufacturing. Be it Jump Ropes to Kettle Bells to a 14 Lane 15’ tall Rig and everything in between, Valor Fitness has what you need.

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