FINIS 1.05.014 Tech Toc


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Manufacturer Part Number: 1.05.014

The Tech Toc is a simple training tool worn around the waist that provides swimmers with instant stroke feedback and ensures proper hip position during all four strokes. Made of a plastic capsule, the Tech Toc utilizes a ball bearing and acoustic amplifiers in order to create a sound as the device is tipped from side to side. This audible feedback lets swimmers hear and feel hip movements and notify them of proper hip rotation and undulation. Utilizing the hips and core muscles is one of the best ways to create an efficient stroke. The Tech Toc also has a Delay Setting which delays the ball bearing, forcing swimmers to exaggerate hip training.  

Improve Hip Movements With Audible Feedback
Using the hips and core muscles is a key element to swimming faster and more efficiently

Hear and Feel Hip Movements
Ball bearing within the capsule creates an audible sound when tipped from side to side

Improves Timing
Reinforces strong hip rotation and undulation

Swim Symmetrically
Prompts a correct stroke rhythm and  a symmetrical roll from side to side

Establish Rhythm
Provides swimmers instant feedback on stroke timing 

Delay Setting
Great for beginner swimmers; delaying the ball bearing forces exaggerated movements

Horizontal Position to back
Compatible for freestyle and backstroke; communicates hip rotation timing

Parallel Position to back
Compatible for breaststroke and butterfly; acts as a fulcrum signaling a strong hip undulation

Adjustable Belt
Nylon belt fits all sizes and can be worn on the hips or waist