Zamst RK-1 IT Band Syndrome, Runners Knee, Black


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The RK-1 is a functional and biomechanical brace that corrects issues causing IT Band Syndrome.

The dual density pad anchors the spiral strap below the knee, this strap keeps the lower leg from rotating internally while maintaining proper alignment. Resin stays increase proprioception to keep the leg in a neutral position while ROM-Tech butterfly shape pattern on the backside of the brace assists in knee flexion and extension. The a-Fit technology allows an anatomically correct fit. While Flyweight design provides an ultra-thin, lightweight material for comfort. V-Tech flow through design allows ventilation while in motion.

Sizing Chart: Measure the circumference of the calf 2 inches below the center of the kneecap. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one. Sizing Diagram
Size Inches Size Inches
XSmall 11.5-12.5 Medium 13.75-15.25
Small 12.5-13.75 Large 15.25-17


a-Fit a-Fit
Anatomically correct support for right or left bodypart
Flyweight Tech Flyweight Tech
Advanced material fabrication with lightweightconstruction
ROM-Tech ROM-Tech
Pre-curved design to provide full Range of Motionfor maximized performance levels
V-Tech V-Tech
Ventilated flow through design keeps you coolwhile in motion